Teradici Tera 2 Host and Portal Kit - 4 Port
Workstation users create 3D models and designs for visual effects,
motion picture, construction, manufacturing, architectural and
engineering projects. Typically, dispersed contractors and teams are
needed to bring these elaborate creations to life. With the Teradici PCoIP
Remote Workstation Card, these widespread resources can receive
the full frame rate rendering capabilities necessary to create complex
designs and images, without ever having to be in the same office. The
card provides users with unmatched operating system support, and the
ultimate user experience. And, with the ability to connect from a variety
of devices, users can access their workstation from any location and
collaborate with ease.

Access full workstation capabilities
llDelivers the best workstation computing experience to any location, with
high-resolution and low latency
llUsers can share, review and edit their designs for more productive and efficient
project completion
Instantaneous access
llWith the dataset remaining in a central location, and by only transmitting pixels via
the PCoIP protocol, users save valuable time without the need to download huge
files that can take hours to transfer
llReduces the risk of working off older file versions across teams
Improved work conditions
llLoud, hot workstations are confined to the data center
llSmall, silent PCoIP Zero Clients on the desktop, results in a more comfortable
environment with less heat and noise

Protect corporate IP
llThe solution only sends encrypted pixels, not data, protecting your intellectual
property, which remains safe in the data center
llRemote capabilities enable access to a shared file system and alleviates the
need to distribute and replicate sensitive datasets to disperse remote locations
llEven greater security when combined with PCoIP Zero Clients at the desk that
contain no local storage or application OS
More efficient system use
llData center deployment enables higher system uptime
llCentralization allows for more efficient use of power and cooling
llRemote power management ensures IT can minimize downtime, without having
to reset the workstation from within the data center
How the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card works
The card is recognized by the system as a display, directly connected to any GPU
output through a display cable and leverages the PCIe bus to transmit USB and
audio controls. As such, the solution enables the best user experience possible;
encoding pixels rendered by the system and encrypting and then transmitting them
across any IP network to the end-point client device. With dedicated, purposebuilt
hardware, its ideal for resource bound environments, as the PCoIP encoding
does not impact CPU or GPU overhead. PCoIP Host Software is available for added
capabilities and is compatible with Windows and Linux.

Teradici PCoIP Processor TERA2220 TERA2240
SKU HC2240001
Max # of displays 4
Max resolution 2x 2560x1600 or
4x 1920x1200
Max application frame rate
with PCoIP Zero Client
Up to 250 mega pixel per second transfer rate, resulting
in up to 60 fps
Common PCIe form factors PCIe x1, Low profile PCIe x1, Full height, half length
Encryption AES-128/AES-256
Compatible with NSA Suite B security protocols
Power management Full wake on LAN and wake on USB
Broker support Leostream™ Connection Broker, VMware® View Broker. Supports
virtualized or physical deployments
OS supported Windows and Linux® CentOS, Red Hat® and source code for
other Linux distribution
GPU compatibility GPU agnostic
Compatible end-points PCoIP Zero Client (recommended for full functionality)
PCoIP Software Client for Mac or Windows[img]/pic/ferum/7139[/img]
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