Mikrotik Router OS 7.6
Вийшов реліз RouterOS 7.6 від Mikrotik. Деякі фікси є у OpenVPN, BGP, OSFP, Bonding секціях.
*) bgp - added support for BGP advertisement displaying (CLI only);
*) bgp - fixed reporting of session uptime;
*) bgp - improved session establishment speed after bootup;
*) bonding - fixed ARP monitor packets with bond's MAC address;
*) bonding - improved interface stability on slave configuration changes;
*) bonding - reduce "actual-mtu" according to interface "l2mtu";
*) branding - execute "autorun.scr" file when installing branding package;
*) capsman - fixed RADIUS accounting when EAP is used;
*) certificate - fixed SHA1 certificate name lookup;
*) certificate - improved certificate management, signing and storing processes;
*) certificate - restricted maximum retry attempt window for Let's Encrypt certificate to 60 minutes;
*) container - added "start-on-boot" parameter for automatic container startup;
*) container - allow changing container related parameters while it is running;
*) container - fixed usage of non-authenticated registries;
*) dhcpv4-server - fixed matcher functionality;
*) dhcpv4-server - fixed RADIUS accounting for local leases;
*) dhcpv4-server - improved service stability when removing dynamic leases;
*) dhcpv6-client - fixed false error status reporting when server offers T1 or T2 value as 0;
*) dns - added "match-subdomain" option for static entries (CLI only);
*) dot1x - fixed incorrect error when using "mac-auth";
*) ethernet - added "5Gbps" option for speed setting;
*) firewall - added "src/dst-address-type" parameter under "IPv6/Firewall/Mangle" menu;
*) firewall - disable IRC NAT helper on upgrade;
*) firewall - fixed IPv6 filtering with "in/out-interface" matcher that is in VRF;
*) firewall - fixed IRC NAT helper (CVE-2022-2663);
*) firewall - fixed usage of "netmap" action for IPv6 source NAT;
*) health - fixed fan speed and temperature reporting on CCR1072;
*) health - improved voltage reading on RBmAP-2nD;
*) hotspot - fixed service initialization when HTML directory configured on an external disk;
*) hotspot - fixed SSL usage on all HotSpot pages;
*) hotspot - improved stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) hotspot - limit maximum allowed connections based on free RAM resources;
*) hotspot - removed "routerboard.com" URL from default HotSpot advertise;
*) interface - added warning when interface has configured "mtu" higher than "l2mtu";
*) ipsec - added "invalid-packets" counter for Installed SA's menu;
*) ipsec - fixed packet processing by hardware encryption engine on MMIPS devices;
*) l3hw - added "l3hw-settings" sub menu under the switch menu;
*) l3hw - added support for IPv6 route offloading (disabled by default);
*) l3hw - fixed "H" flag presence for accelerated connection tracking entries;
*) l3hw - fixed possible packet loss when using HW offloaded NAT;
*) l3hw - improved connected host offloading on startup;
*) l3hw - improved connected IPv6 host offloading when routing table is nearly full for 98DX224S, 98DX226S, and 98DX3236 switch chips;
*) l3hw - improved system stability;
*) l3hw - made route offloading selection work only on unicast;
*) lte - added interface name in MTU debug logging message;
*) lte - added periodic IPv6 RS to trigger IPv6 adress acquisition for non-MBIM modems;
*) lte - added support for Neoway N75-EA;
*) lte - added support to perform FOTA upgrade from local file for EG12-EA, EG18-EA, RG502Q-AE, EG06-A, EP06-A modems;
*) lte - disabled RPLMN on Chateau 5G;
*) lte - fixed at-chat on Telit FN980m;
*) lte - fixed handover from UMTS to LTE when PS activation had failed for MBIM modems;
*) lte - fixed MBIM modem initialization;
*) lte - fixed re-attaching on PS detach for MBIM modems;
*) lte - removed reconnect delay after receiving DETACH notification for MBIM modems;
*) macsec - added configuration support with VLAN, ARP, DHCP and bridge tagging/untagging;
*) macsec - added logging support with "debug" and "dot1x" topics;
*) macsec - added support for MTU and L2MTU;
*) macsec - fixed interface after Ethernet link down;
*) macsec - fixed interface statistics and missing properties;
*) macsec - fixed interface status;
*) macsec - fixed multiple interface creation on different Ethernet ports
*) macsec - improved interface stability;
*) macsec - improved system stability for TILE and RB5009 devices;
*) macsec - removed interface from SMIPS devices;
*) mac-telnet - respect interface MTU setting when sending packets for MAC-Telnet and MAC-WinBox;
*) netwatch - fixed string variable values in script;
*) ntp - improved initial synchronization speed after bootup;
*) ospf - added SHA hashing for authentication;
*) ospf - fixed area "no-summary" setting;
*) ospf - fixed checksum calculation;
*) ospf - fixed displaying of VRF interface in related logs;
*) ospf - fixed transmit of LSA/ACK's on p2p interfaces;
*) ospf - improved logging when invalid configuration is detected;
*) ospf - refresh OSPFv3 interface configuration when IPv6 network becomes available;
*) ovpn - added IPv6 support;
*) ovpn - added VRF support for client;
*) ppp - fixed memory leak;
*) ppp - improved service stability when multiple users disconnect simultaneously;
*) pppoe - fixed MRU negotiation even when it is set to 1500;
*) qsfp - added interface temperature warnings and shutdown;
*) queue - improved stability for CAKE type queues;
*) radius - require "policy" policy for "login" service configuration;
*) rip - fixed passwordless MD5 authentication;
*) route-filter - fixed filtering for multiple community routes;
*) route-filter - fixed memory allocation when moving entries;
*) route - fixed disappearance of inactive static routes after upgrade;
*) route - fixed memory leak;
*) routerboard - return router's short name in "model" parameter;
*) routerboard - set "Delete" as default key to enter booter menu ("/system routerboard upgrade" required);
*) serial - added support for newer PL2303 serial controllers;
*) sfp - improved QSFP/SFP interface stability for 98DXxxxx and 98PX1012 switches;
*) sms - added "status-report-request" parameter for "send" command;
*) sms - fixed handling of SMS send attempts on unsupported modems;
*) snmp - improved retrieval of routing related OID's;
*) snmp - improved stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) ssh - increased key generation timeout;
*) sstp - added VRF support for client;
*) supout - added tr069-client section;
*) supout - removed duplicate "bridge-controller" section;
*) switch - improved traffic forwarding at 5Gbps rate for 98DX8525, 98DX4310 switches;
*) system - renamed error messages when trying to edit or remove dynamic entries;
*) tile - improved system stability when processing packets;
*) tr069-client - do not allow ":" symbols in username;
*) tr069-client - fixed reporting of "X_MIKROTIK_MimoRSRP" parameter;
*) user-manager - accept any username for outer authentication;
*) user-manager - added "comment" parameter for batch user creation;
*) user-manager - added support for multiple accounting sessions;
*) user-manager - added variables to print profile name and end time in voucher templates;
*) user-manager - allow specifying router's address as subnet;
*) user-manager - fixed "migrate-legacy-db" command;
*) user-manager - fixed session expiry when it is stopped by Disconnect-Request;
*) user-manager - forced username verification against client's certificate for EAP-TLS;
*) user-manager - use "Class" attribute to associate user's accounting session;
*) user - removed unused "dude" policy;
*) vrrp - fixed connection tracking synchronization on MMIPS and MIPSBE devices;
*) vxlan - added IPv6 support for remote VTEPs (only IPv4 or IPv6 will be used at the same time, use "vteps-ip-version" property on VXLAN interface to change the version);
*) w60g - improved system stability (introduced in v7.5);
*) webfig - fixed creation of new IPv6 routes;
*) webfig - fixed displaying of "Last Seen" parameter under "IP/DHCP Server/Leases" menu;
*) webfig - fixed hex input for "Host Uniq" field;
*) webfig - fixed unsetting of "endpoint-address" parameter under "WireGuard/Peers" menu;
*) wifiwave2 - fixed enabling of unconfigured interfaces;
*) wifiwave2 - fixed malfunction of WPA3 hash-to-element technique when enabled on multiple interfaces;
*) wifiwave2 - fixed RADIUS accounting after fast-transition;
*) wifiwave2 - fixed "WPA Key Data Length" value in EAPOL frame when FT-EAP-SHA384 AKM is used;
*) winbox - added "Active" prefix for current remote and local session ID fields for L2TP-Ether interfaces;
*) winbox - added "address-list" parameter under "IP/DNS/Static" menu;
*) winbox - added "File Name" option for "Load Config" parameter under "System/SwOS" menu;
*) winbox - added icon for TR069-client menu;
*) winbox - added MACsec support;
*) winbox - added quick filtering option for route list;
*) winbox - added "Rapid Commit" parameter support under "IPv6/DHCP-Server" menu;
*) winbox - added "Reset Traffic Counters" button for all interfaces;
*) winbox - added "type" and "status-report-request" parameters under "Tools/SMS" menu;
*) winbox - allow "timeout" value to be less than 1 under "Tools/Netwatch" menu;
*) winbox - allow to rename mounted disks;
*) winbox - changed order of tabs under "User Manager" menu;
*) winbox - changed "uptime" parameter format when using the wifiwave2 package;
*) winbox - do not show unavailable features on SMIPS devices;
*) winbox - fixed interface traffic graph drawing on RB5009;
*) winbox - fixed maximum allowed value for VRRP's "priority" parameter;
*) winbox - fixed "Session Uptime" value for not established sessions under "Routing/BGP" menu;
*) winbox - fixed "Session Uptime" value under "Routing/BGP" menu;
*) winbox - fixed "System/SwOS" window refreshing after changes are detected;
*) winbox - fixed "User Manager/User Profiles" window refreshing after changes are detected;
*) winbox - made "backup.swb" the default value for SwOS backup;
*) winbox - made sessions removable in "User Manager" menu;
*) winbox - show "F" flag for failed entries under "Interfaces/VRRP" menu;
*) winbox - show "Switch" menu on Chateau LTE18 ax;
*) winbox - show "System/Health" only on boards that have health monitoring;
*) winbox - show "System/RouterBOARD/Mode Button" on devices that have such feature;
*) wireguard - strip whitespaces from keys;
*) wireless - disallowed using "default" as scan list or channel names;
*) wireless - fixed incorrectly applied ingress priority to non-wireless packets;
*) wireless - fixed missing wireless interface on some RB921GS-5HPacD devices;
*) www - improved stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) x86 - improved ixgbe driver support;
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2022-10-18 17:00:18
Не зря писал в саппорт по поводу MD5 )))
все же саппорт микротика работает

Normunds R.
22/Sep/22 8:16 AMLatest

This is an automated message. Our bug tracker reports, that your issue has been fixed. This means that in the upcoming days, we plan to release a RouterOS update with this fix. Make sure to upgrade to the next release when it comes out soon. To be sure this specific fix is included, read the changelog when the next version comes out. If your issue is not mentioned, it might mean it will be in the next release.

If you'd like more details about the version release date, please answer to this message and one of our support engineers will contact you.

Best regards,

2022-10-19 18:15:35
Там ще v6.49.7 вийшла. але за пів року внесли правок як кіт наплакав...
2022-10-19 19:04:09
Там ще v6.49.7 вийшла. але за пів року внесли правок як кіт наплакав...

А ля "на від'їбись".
Типу ми продовжуємо підтримувати...
Ви маєте увійти під своїм обліковим записом