XPON MDU FTTH project 8 port with POE

100 грн.

MDU is short for Multi-Dwelling Unit, MDU 8GE box is designed and developed for FTTB/FTTO/FTTC network solutions. This Product complies with ITU-T G.984.x, IEEE802.3ah and China Telecom CTC 3.0 standards, with carrier-class operable, manageable, easy maintenance characteristics, which provides customers with highspeed data services. MDU ONUs include EPON and GPON. The iron-clad ONUs features rugged and durable equipment, high safety protection level, wide coverage, and various types for customers to choose based on actual requirements. It is an integrated GE interface terminal for high-speed office, video, wireless bearer, and dedicated access services, featuring small structure, large capability, and high security. It’s a comprehensive expansion of the market star products.

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