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  1. AdiT

    SCXN 2.1.0

    Hi I'm looking to upgrade my C300. I need the 2.1.0 files for scxn
  2. Hi all Is there a way to completely erase the control board SCXM on a C300. I want to synchronize it with a working one but not all files are copied
  3. I'm having problems with one SCXM I have deleted all existing patches - delete patch ZXAN#delete patch * Confirm to delete?[yes/no]:yes Start deleting file deleting etghgv125p3t13_r0.pat.. [Successfully] deleting etghgv125p3t13_r1.pat.. [Successfully] deleting etghkv125p3t29_r0.pat.. [Successfully] .................................... - verify ZXAN#dir patch Directory of /flash/patch/ attribute size date time name -rwx 2 JAN-05-2024 09:42:54 patchCfgForOam.txt -rwx 1032 J
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