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Перед созданием темы или сообщения настоятельно рекомендуем ознакомиться с правилами раздела Торговля.
Правила раздела Торговля.
Для удобства был создан раздел оборудования на сайте.

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    • By darell34
      Продам две FoxGate ONU E1001MZ, состояние нового, без коробки с блоком питания, 250 грн. Вторая новая, полный комплект. 350 грн.
    • By Prodazha
      Терміновий продаж абонентських терміналів Foxgate 1001 mz gepon.
      ціна 380 грн за шт.
    • By device
      Продам ону epon 1ge. Різні б/у з блоками живлення і заглушками на оптичному порту. Ціна 180грн/шт
      BDcom, Fora, Picotel, Stels. Є декілька 4 портових
    • By AlinaQuan
      Привіт! Я представляю ONU прямого заводу. Ми збираємося випустити однопортовий XGSPON ONU незабаром. Якщо вас зацікавило, будь ласка, зв'яжіться з нами。
    • By AlinaQuan
      The FX3124X is an XGPON Optical Network Unit (ONU) designed as a comprehensive solution for operators seeking high-speed fiber optic connectivity. With a blazing AX3000Mbps speed, this device offers unparalleled integration with dual-frequency Wi-Fi6, making it an ideal choice for modern digital households.
      Key Features:
      - XGPON Optical Terminal Access Device: Enables ultra-bandwidth access through advanced XGPON upstream technology.
      - Dual-Frequency Wi-Fi6: Provides users with cutting-edge wireless connectivity for seamless internet access across multiple devices.
      - Basic Wi-Fi Functions: Equipped with essential Wi-Fi capabilities to ensure reliable wireless connectivity.
      - Routing: Offers routing functionalities to manage network traffic efficiently.
      - Gigabit Ethernet Functions: Supports gigabit Ethernet connections for high-speed data transmission.
      - Versatile Connectivity: Features multiple downstream user ports, including four GE electrical ports, one USB port, one VOIP port, and AX3000 WiFi6 WLAN ports.
      Production Function Highlights:
      - ITU-T Standards Compliance: Conforms to ITU-T G.987.3, G.988, and G.989 standards for interoperability and compatibility.
      - TCONT and GEM Ports: Supports up to 15 TCONTs and 256 GEM ports, ensuring flexible configuration options.
      - Egress Queues: Provides a minimum of 8 egress queues per TCONT, enhancing traffic management capabilities.
      - VLAN/Priority/VEIP Gem Mapping: Supports various mapping modes for efficient data transmission.
      - Authentication Options: Offers multiple authentication methods, including SN (Serial Number), LOID (Logical ONT ID), SN + Password authentication for enhanced security.
      - Performance Monitoring: Enables performance monitoring for Ethernet and GEM ports to optimize network performance.
      - Dying Gasp: Includes dying gasp functionality to provide crucial information in the event of a power failure or device malfunction.
      Viber me for better price: +86 18086327779

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