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  1. monark

    I have the unlock OLT ZTE

    I have the unlock OLT ZTE C300, C320, C350 for versions 1.2.5p3 2.1.0 With the unlock, you will be able to use a third party ONT/ONU
  2. Unlock 2.1.0 and 1.2.5p3 it worked on my olt
  3. I have both, pass your contact Tenho os dois, passe seu contato
  4. What do these patches do?
  5. monark

    Перепрошивка Huawei к ZTEC320

    ваш olt заблокирован, вам нужно разблокировать его, чтобы принять другие
  6. A patch was used to unlock v1.2.5p3 and v2.1.0 It is accepting all ONU/ONT now
  7. Do you say the patches? or firmware? Because as I understand it, the guy who unlocks the olt uploads files via FTP One doubt, is that the lock is on the GTGH or controller card (SMXA, SCXM, SCXN)?
  8. Yes, but on some OLT c300 and c320 it does not work. The UN rises and for a few seconds or minutes it falls. Because of the blockade. Version 1.2.5p3 and 2.1.0 I met a guy who says he unlocks olt ZTE c300 / c320. But only in version 1.2.5P3. Unlocking accepted party ONU (nokia, fiberhome, zyxel, huawei) Does anyone have a hunch of what he does? From what I saw, he sends something via FTP to OLT.
  9. 有沒有人設法解鎖olt c300 / c320以接受其他Onu(華為,諾基亞,消防局等)? Has anyone managed to unlock the olt c300 / c320 to accept other Onu (Huawei, Nokia, fiberhome etc.)?
  10. monark

    будет ли у кого-то патч zte c300

    пластина gtgh-k
  11. monark

    ZTE C320 проблема с пингами