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    Релизы Ubilling 2019

    falto agregar que esta disponible en español I need to add that it is available in Spanish
  2. There is no one who can help me with this.
  3. nightfly I could be so kind as to explain to me is a little more since I could not understand the translation has not been good for me. let's say I want to give a mega for $ 1 and then I want to charge $ 1 for each additional mega What should I place in the following image? How should I enter the data? Tariff name Fee PeriodMonth Day Prepaid traffic Counting traffic up+down up down max Cost of freezing Internet HoursMinutes DayPrice day Threshold (Mb) NightPrice night Without threshold Price does not depend on time
  4. How can you make Dynamic shaper with КучаГен aka MultiGen ? {SPEEDDOWNB} {SPEEDDOWNBD} {SPEEDDOWNBC} {SPEEDMRL} I tried all these macros And none returned the speed of Dynamic shaper
  5. not I have not understood the problem is not that I do not know how to configure Relay The problem is that ubilling doesn't answer Relay's call I do a relay with two mikrotik router and it works perfectly but with mikrotik and ubilling it doesn't work for me
  6. Hello Someone could be so kind and record a video of How to configure hotspot in mikrotik HotSpot КучаГен The truth is I don't want to bother you but as everyone knows I don't speak any language other than Spanish and I read everything translated and the translations are sometimes not clear, so I think a video could help me more since I have a lot of time trying to do it function and failed.
  7. Following these steps I was able to configure a mikrotik router on an manageable switch. My question is how can I configure mikrotik to work with ubulling? https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Basic_VLAN_switching
  8. I share this wordpress application that allows you to log in to the wordpress page with ubilling users https://wordpress.org/plugins/miniorange-radius-client/
  9. Hi me again I was watching the Dynamic shaper and I can't find a way to control Down speed Kbit / s / Up speed Kbit / s separately to be able to give Down speed Kbit / s and Up speed Kbit / s for example 512 of Down speed Kbit / s and 256 Up speed Kbit / s I would like to be able to use it with КучаГен it would be interesting if you could change rates with the Dynamic shaper and disconnect and КучаГен user connection to update or by CoA that could allow parameters to КучаГен from Dynamic shaper this would open up a wide range of possibilities I think that would be something that would give a lot of added value to the system and very useful
  10. Here an example 64k/64k 256k/256k 128k/128k 10/10 {SPEEDMRL} {SPEEDMRLB} {SPEEDMRLBTH} {SPEEDMRLBT} rate burst-rate burst-threshold burst-time Download speed / Upload speed Burst Download speed / Burst Upload speed ????? / ????? Burst Download Time speed / Burst Upload Time speed 64k/64k 256k/256k 128k/128k 10/10 - rx/tx-rate=64000, rx/tx-burst-rate=256000, rx/tx-burst-threshold=128000, rx/tx-burst-time=10s as what I write is not well understood because I speak Spanish and the translators do not translate well I place these images I hope the idea is understandable to you.
  11. ilcergio

    Релизы Ubilling 2019

    @skybetik @nightfly @l1ght @Pautiina
  12. ilcergio

    Релизы Ubilling 2019

    Hello Unfortunately, for Latin America there is no possibility to use SendDog due to lack of sms gateway I would like to kindly ask you if you can integrate this application into the system This is an application that allows you to use your Android phone as an SMS gateway SMSHub what? SMSHub is an SMS Gateway application for Android phones (Android Studio project developed in Kotlin) you can use to add SMS functionality to your software. It connects to a webpage to retrieve messages to be sent (in JSON format) at regular intervals. It also notifies about delivery status and incoming messages . why? Commercial SMS APIs are (for most cases) prohibitively expensive. Instead you can use your own phone line to send SMS with an Android phone as a gateway. There are other SMS gateways projects but as far as I could check when this project started, none of them can be use to send and receive SMS via HTTP API easily and freely (with no commercial dependencies). how? You can download a compiled .apk file from the beta release here settings you can customize the next settings directly in the application Send SMS: Enable sending: whether the app should read from the API and send messages send URL: messages will be parsed from this URL, you return a JSON containing message, number and id interval: the app will check whether there is an incoming message for sending each specific interval in minutes status URL: once a message is sent, status will be reported to this URL via GET parameters, id and status (SENT, FAILED, DELIVERED) Receive SMS: receive URL: Message received will be posted here. If nothing is specified it will skip this action. How sending SMSs works 1- The application connects at regular intervals to a URL POST https://yourcustomurl.com/send_api deviceId: 1 action: SEND 2- It should read a JSON containing message, number and id, or an empty response if there is nothing to send { "message": "hola mundo!", "number": "3472664455", "messageId": "1" } 3- The app will send the SMS message to number 4- Once sent (or failed) the app will notify the status to the status URL POST https://yourcustomurl.com/status_api deviceId: 1 messageId: 1 status: SENT action: STATUS 5- Once delivered the app will notify the status to the status URL POST https://yourcustomurl.com/status_api deviceId: 1 messageId: 1 status: DELIVERED action: STATUS Possible status values are: SENT, FAILED, DELIVERED (notice that it is unlikely but possible to get the DELIVERED update before the SENT update due to requests delay). How receiving SMSs works 1- Each time a SMS is received the app will notify the received URL POST https://yourcustomurl.com/received_api deviceId: 1 number: 3472556699 message: Hello man! action: RECEIVED https://github.com/juancrescente/SMSHub