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  1. Can somebody help about this what going on. OLT C320, board GTGO HWONLINE. Space.Net-C320(config)#sho card Rack Shelf Slot CfgType RealType Port HardVer SoftVer Status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 1 1 GTGO 8 HWONLINE 1 1 3 PRAM PRAM 3 V1.01 INSERVICE 1 1 4 SMXA SMXA 3 110702 V1.2.5P3 INSERVICE
  2. GoranSrb

    ZTE C320

    I use C300 Olt, for CATV have EDFA 32port. ONU for CATV is Huawei HG8247H and HG8012H.
  3. ZTE-AN mib this will help you... ZTE-AN-Mib.7z
  4. snmp on/off try <COLUMN name='Status' value='Ready'></COLUMN> <COLUMN name='Object Name' value='zxGponVideoAniAdminState'></COLUMN> <COLUMN name='OID' value=''></COLUMN> <COLUMN name='Index' value=''></COLUMN> <COLUMN name='Test Type' value='SYNTAX'></COLUMN> <COLUMN name='MIB' value='ZXGPON-ONTMGMT-MIB'></COLUMN> <COLUMN name='Information' value=''></COLUMN> </ROW> <COLUMN na
  5. <counterImpl counterName="XponOnuIfRxOctets" expression="a"> <para name="a" type="snmp" oid="." /> </counterImpl> <counterImpl counterName="XponOnuIfTxOctets" expression="a"> <para name="a" type="snmp" oid="." /> </counterImpl> <counterImpl counterName="zxAnPonOnuIfRxOctets" expression="a"> <para name="a" type="snmp" oid=".
  6. Here is all mib what I have, will share here for all who need it. if someone can help me with abills pon and onu rx/tx traffic graph or have OID for rx/tx traffic post here or send pm. Mib.7z ZTE-AN-ENVMON-MIB.mib
  7. onu rx/tx traffic дла Ц300 гпон ? edit: ето да ону рх-тх, но в абиллс не работает...
  8. Can someone check this OID, I think its onu incoming traffic. . . give similar result _____________________________________ Is this look like onu outgoing ttaffic? Can anyone test oid? .
  9. Здравстуите, Может кто мне помоч дла конфиг снмп на ЗТЕ Ц300, ја попробувал но там проблем с информ и трап. Когда ја хтел конфиг из информ в трап ето не делал. ZXAN(config)#sn ZXAN(config)#snmp-server ena ZXAN(config)#snmp-server enable tr ZXAN(config)#snmp-server enable trap BGP ZXAN(config)#snmp-server enable trap OSPF ZXAN(config)#snmp-server enable trap RMON ZXAN(config)#snmp-server enable trap STALARM ZXAN(config)#snmp-server enable trap SNMP ZXAN(config)#snmp-server enable trap VPN ZXAN(config)# ZXAN(config)#SHO SN ZXAN(config)#SHO s
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