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Hello What are the possibilities of using this configuration in КучаГен?




What should I place here?



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Currently mikrotik burst limits have no multigen macro. If someone tell me how final attribute should look like - i can do it in 20 minutes, for future releases.

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В 26.08.2019 в 02:37, nightfly сказал:

Actualmente, los límites de explosión de mikrotik no tienen macro multigénica. Si alguien me dice cómo debería ser el atributo final, puedo hacerlo en 20 minutos, para futuras versiones.




Here an example

                     64k/64k                            256k/256k 128k/128k                                                       10/10
                {SPEEDMRL}                            {SPEEDMRLB} {SPEEDMRLBTH}
                        rate                               burst-rate   burst-threshold                                  burst-time

Download speed / Upload speed       



Burst Download speed / Burst Upload speed            

 ????? / ?????                 

Burst Download Time speed / Burst Upload Time speed


 64k/64k              256k/256k      128k/128k    10/10 -          rx/tx-rate=64000, rx/tx-burst-rate=256000, rx/tx-burst-threshold=128000, rx/tx-burst-time=10s








as what I write is not well understood
 because I speak Spanish and the translators do not translate well
I place these images
 I hope the idea is understandable to you.


Edited by ilcergio

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