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О Muator

  1. UBNT Rocket AC

    МЫ! до 50 Мбит/с в 40МГц. БС+40
  2. Опрос

    Это факт!
  3. Опрос

    так еще нет стабильной версии
  4. Опрос

    Нет конечно! с 0.8.5 - rev 5754 до 0.8.6 - rev 5861
  5. Опрос

    После обновления не работает модуль опроса пользователей! Выдает следующие: DataTables warning: table id=jqdt_9293df4d0d6e5e18a5cf7d8f49ca4f59 - Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/1.
  6. Продам Ubiquiti б/у

  7. Продам Ubiquiti б/у

  8. Продам Ubiquiti б/у

    AirGrid M5 23 HP + POE = 850 грн. NSM2Loco +POE = 600 грн.
  9. Продам Ubiquiti б/у

    AirGrid M5 23 HP + POE = 850 грн. AirGrid M2 20 HP + POE = 800 грн. - Продано NSM2 + POE - 2 шт. = 1000 грн. (за шт.) - Продано
  10. Продам Ubiquiti б/у

  11. Продам Ubiquiti б/у

    AirGrid M5 23 HP + POE = 850 грн. AirGrid M2 20 HP + POE = 800 грн. - Продано NSM2 + POE - 2 шт. = 1000 грн. (за шт.)
  12. Продам Ubiquiti б/у

    AirGrid M5 23 HP + POE = 850 грн. AirGrid M2 20 HP + POE = 800 грн.
  13. Куплю

    RocketDish 5G-34 - 1 шт. Б/У Up.
  14. Модуль speedtest

    Все работает....
  15. Модуль speedtest

    ;authorization types - currently support "ip" and "login" methods auth=login ;ip authorization failure redirect action authfailredir="" ;Default language, available values: ukrainian,russian,english lang = russian ;allow user language change? allowclang=1 ;currency currency=UAH ;Custom background. DEFAULT or existing filename from tiles folder (tile1.jpg for example). May be RANDOM too. BACKGROUND="tile13.jpg" ;ISP name ISP_NAME="ISP " ;ISP site url ISP_URL="http://www.ua.com.ua" ;ISP logo url. filled ISP_NAME and ISP_URL is required ISP_LOGO="" ;city display in address field? CITY_DISPLAY=1 ;use 0 apartment number as private house? ZERO_TOLERANCE=1 ;hide user passwords PASSWORDSHIDE=0 ;hide payments time PAYMENTSTIMEHIDE=0 ;max menu entries in menu with no icons (top by default) MENUNOICONMAX=6 ;sgconf settings ;sgconf path SGCONF = /usr/sbin/sgconf ;stargazer host STG_HOST = localhost ;sgconf port STG_PORT = 5555 ;stargazer admin login STG_LOGIN = admin ;stargazer password STG_PASSWD = xxxx ;tariff changing options ;tariff change is enabled? TC_ENABLED = 1 ;cost of change to tariff with higher price TC_PRICEUP = 0 ;cost of change to tariff with lower price TC_PRICEDOWN = 25 ;cost of change to tariff with same price TC_PRICESIMILAR = 0 ;set user credit for TC_PRICEUP, TC_PRICEDOWN or TC_PRICESIMILAR values if user has no money? TC_CREDIT=1 ;tariff change cash type ID for payment fees TC_CASHTYPEID=1 ;tariffs that allowed for changing by user TC_TARIFFSALLOWED = ;tariffs with enabled tariff changing option TC_TARIFFENABLEDFROM = ;extended move matrix directed by tariffmatrix.ini TC_EXTENDED_MATRIX=1 ;Optional option - enables tariff change "right now" feature. Do not enable it without a full understanding of the consequences! ;TC_RIGHTNOW=0 ;self credit options ;is self credit enabled? SC_ENABLED = 1 ;minimal day of month for that credits possible SC_MINDAY = 10 ;maximum day of month for that credits possible SC_MAXDAY = 20 ;maximum days for credit SC_TERM = 7 ;price of this service SC_PRICE = 0 ;cash type ID for credit fees SC_CASHTYPEID=1 ;control self credit feature usage only once per month SC_MONTHCONTROL=1 ;list of tariffs allowed to use self credit, if empty - allowed all. Comma separated. SC_TARIFFSALLOWED="" ;add price of virtual services to credit? SC_VSCREDIT=1 ;payment cards options ;is payment cards usage enabled? PC_ENABLED=0 ;maximum attempts to incorrect serial inputs PC_BRUTE=10 ;cash type ID for card payments PC_CASHTYPEID=1 ;OpenPayz support OPENPAYZ_ENABLED=1 ;OpenPayz backend URL OPENPAYZ_URL=../openpayz/backend/ ;OpenPayz systems (delimiter ",") OPENPAYZ_PAYSYS=liqpay,easypay,fbank ;fetch payment ID from op_customers OPENPAYZ_REALID=1 ;Ticketing support TICKETING_ENABLED=1 ;speedtest module enabled SP_ENABLED=1 ;speedtest mini URL SP_URL=http://www.speedtest.net/ru/ SP_TYPE=2 ;Downloads module enabled? ZL_ENABLED=1 ;Downloads options in format icon_path|url|title - delimiter comma ZL_OPTIONS="iconz/chrome.png|http://tinyurl.com/px3poz7|Расширение для Chrome" ;account freezing enabled? AF_ENABLED=1 ;each freezing price AF_FREEZPRICE=25 ;tariffs with enabled freeze - delimiter comma AF_TARIFFSALLOWED = ;cash type ID for account freezing service AF_CASHTYPEID=1 ;CaTV support is enabled? TV_ENABLED=1 ;Show tariff speeds in user profile SHOW_SPEED=1 ;Enable UBAgent/XMlAgent UBA_ENABLED=1 ; COUNT DAYS ONLINE LEFT: ONLINELEFT_COUNT=0 ONLINELEFT_STYLE="date" ONLINELEFT_SPREAD=0 ONLINELEFT_CREDIT=1 ; ROUND CASH IN PROFILE: ROUND_PROFILE_CASH = 0 ;Public offer mode - contract field will be displayed as "Public offer" with link set as parameter ;PUBLIC_OFFER="" ;Document printing support ;Enable parsing of .docx documents and document printing for users DOCX_SUPPORT=1 ;document storage path DOCX_STORAGE="../content/documents/" ;value-added tax rate percent for document templates DOCX_NDS=20 ;additional services printable within documents, separator - comma DOCX_SERVICES="Internet" ;Agents additional config options similar to alter.ini ;AGENTS_ASSIGN=1 ;DEFAULT_ASSIGN_AGENT=1 ;render Payment ID as QR code PAYMENTID_QR=1 ;Announcements module is enabled? AN_ENABLED=1 ;Previous payments module is enabled? PAYMENTS_ENABLED=1 ;Show additional virtual services in user profile? VSERVICES_SHOW=1 ;Show traffic stats module? TRAFFIC_ENABLED=1 ;sms reminder enabled? REMINDER_ENABLED=1 ;sms reminder price per month REMINDER_PRICE=0 ;TAGID OF VIRTUAL SERVICE REMINDER_TAGID=1 ;Mobile number length, 9 default for UA REMINDER_NUMBER_LENGTH=10 ;Threshold when user should be reminded REMINDER_DAYS_THRESHOLD=5 ;Prefix for mobile phones, default empty REMINDER_PREFIX="" ;Allow user to change his mobile number? REMINDER_CHANGE_NUMBER=1 ;do the fee on enabling reminder service REMINDER_FEE=1 ;cash type for reminder fee REMINDER_CASHTYPEID=1 ;is reminder turn off by user enabled? REMINDER_TURNOFF=1 ;Megogo integration enabled MG_ENABLED=0 ;Megogo user protection from casual subscription MG_PROTECTION=0 ;Megogo user guide URL MG_GUIDE_URL="" ;Ubilling Remote api options API_URL="XXXX" API_KEY="XXXXX" ;enable or not aditional services order ADSERVICE_ENABLED=0 ;date when to apply adservice for user. Can be: nextday, nextmonth ADSERVICE_DATE="nextmonth" ;services which available for users order. View: "service_name1:tagid1,service_name2:tagid2" ADSERVICE_NAMES="TV:1,PHONE:3,TEST:4" ;services cost. view: "service_name1:cost1,service_name2:cost2" ADSERVICE_COST="TV:50,PHONE:30,TEST:1" UKV_ENABLED=0 ;7.7.9 SKIN="default" ;0.8.4 INTRO_MODE=0